Intelli Atlas Technologies

Is a specialized IT Services & Solutions and IT-enabled Services provider catering to a wide range of global customers with a range of expertise. This 2-year-old company has a big customer base and it has successfully helped a large number of clients get excellent solutions with a benchmarked delivery track record, quality standards, and adaptability to technological challenges. We employ a team of Windows, Mac, Sage, QuickBooks-certified professionals from BPO and KPO industry that delivers instant and customer-oriented solutions as per their changing needs.

Our ability to understand, analyze, and resolve problems in a highly technical environment inspire us to serve global clientele. Our customers are our assets. That is why we place customer first and on the top of our business tree. Then we make it a happy customer and a repetitive customer. With Quality driven approach and transparent business solutions, we let our customers know what we are doing.


  • Précised IT and information management procedures with opportune delivery and operational excellence
  • customer-centric approach with enhanced customer service experience
  • intellectual capital helping you cut down hidden operational costs
  • culture of innovation and customer first approach
  • business solutions for all needs and budgets
  • value addition through speed, accuracy, transparency, and performance,
  • right channeling for solving complexity of customer inquiries
  • insightful advanced analytics for informed business decisions
  • holistic approach to customer engagement
  • improved revenue generation, customer experience and service optimization

Your audience, cost factor, competition, branding, and response in the market are the factors that we take into consideration before saying yes. We don’t ask you to follow us; we want to go ahead with us. You have a dream, we have a map to help you reach the same dream destination.

  • We know you have budgetary constraints
  • We know you have limited resources
  • We know you are taking a risk
  • We know you don’t want to loose
  • We know you will be successful because your success is our success and it is a win-win solution.

Why Choose Us?

Startups and small businesses need a guide and a bolster to form a niche in the competitive market. We offer them right infrastructure in the form of tools, techniques, and talents keeping a vigil eye on the factor of cost and time to market. We like to work on the concept of You Earn, We Earn. Your growth and existence decide our survival and fortune. We want you grow fast so that we can have an established partner in the IT industry. Your share your needs and visions with our talents, and we help you get the same with a mutual relationship.

To achieve a collaborated business goal, we have right inputs that contribute well in delivering economical Home, business, and enterprise solutions. With state of the art infrastructure, competent talent and certified professionals from BPO and KPO industry, scalability, and long term relationship, we help you take right decisions and get what you deserve in the cut-throat competition.