Comprehensive Back Office Solutions

Business enterprise of any size and type always finds it hard to manage its non-core and semi-standardized activities that are time consuming and prevent companies from concentrating on its core tasks. To manage non core activities, companies need to hire additional resources, train them, and invest on them. It is both time consuming and costly. That is why Intelli Atlas back office support services help companies save time and cost by outsourcing their following tasks:

  • Email and chat support
  • Documentation and data mining
  • Research and report writing
  • Presentation preparation
  • Bookkeeping and financial analysis
  • Website development and support

Our professional and experienced back-office staff works with your front-office team in a real-time environment with an effective use of communication tools, such as telephone, live chat, and email. Our sincere endeavor results in cost reduction and productivity improvement. We offer back office services to guide business organizations work more proficiently and cut back ever-increasing operational costs. Our value-added services deliver clients a better and competitive edge through the following elements:

  • Better coordinated and superior customer service
  • Competent back office operational performance
  • Extensive process transformation expertise
  • In-depth domain know-how
  • Informed decisions-making
  • Integrated systems, processes and automated work flows
  • Usage of bespoke automation tools and applications

We help you achieve back-office goals and compliance needs with a unique touch of enhanced speed, precision, intelligibility, and performance. We simply want you to get rid of your complex and time consuming portfolio accounting, management, and reporting process to our back office experts. With basic and advanced levels of back office support, we can help you improve productivity and save cost.

Just send us your query and get in touch with our executives for a better solution for back office management.