Data Processing Services at Cost-effective Rates

Accurate and organized data is the key to speed up your business growth. Keeping a track of huge database on a daily basis can be a stressful challenge for business enterprise of any size and type. It is vital for all small and big business enterprises to have error-free data at an extremely low cost. That is why Intelli Atlas data processing team is capable of offering raw data into any visual, tabular or textual format. We know how to use the information accurately by managing data extraction, data capture, and data entry projects with our domain expertise.

We ensure you guaranteed accuracy and fast turnaround time in order to meet all your business data management requirements in an effective manner. We offer you managed services platforms, insights, tools, and capabilities in the form of quality data processing services. We guarantee you will get faster business results, increased ROI, and easier innovation. We have requisite knowledge of imaging and scanning technology, and document management standards as per global standards. Our specialized teams use customized software for all data conversion formats and deliver cost-effective data processing solutions in the following domains:

Data Conversion

  • Hard copies and PDF
  • Image to text and data migration
  • Mapping and HTML
  • XML conversion and validation

Data Entry

  • Surveys and document archiving
  • Property documentations and orders
  • Invoices entry

Data Formatting and Cleansing

  • Solutions for data filtering
  • Data grouping and formatting
  • Data validation for effective data representation
  • Data management & analysis

With highest levels of information and data security, we offer value-added data processing services for all industries concerning IT, medical, legal, travel, health, science, education, and publishing. Our services and solutions for data management clearly help you get a sharp increase in your company’s performance and a reduction in time and money. Following are some of our key differentiators that always matter the most:

  • 100% data security
  • Flawless Data Quality
  • Quick Turnaround Time
  • Input/Output Formats
  • Fast Process and Competitive Pricing
  • Infrastructure & Technology
  • Timely Delivery of Final Projects

From data scanning to ePub services and from back office services to data conversion services, we manage everything at a cost that is highly affordable. Just call us anytime and choose the best data processing package as per your changing needs.